Welcome to Harkidun Protection & Mountaineering Association - Uttarakhand.

Snow peaks all around.

The Kedarkantha base camp impresses you the moment you step on it. The 360 degree view of famous mountain summits around you is jaw dropping.

The pleasure of walking on a carpet of

The Kedarkantha trek starts in a dense pine​ forest.​The trail is always covered by a carpet of ​brown ​leaves.

Best drive in Himalayas

The drive to Kedarkantha takes you through Mussoorie, Nowgaon, Purola, Mori and Naitwar.

Prettiest campsites

This trek has the ​prettiest​ campsites in the Himalayas. Not all treks can boast of the beauty of its campsite like the Kedarkantha trek. Each of its campsites are unique

Adventure Tourism

We would like to introduce our company Harkidun Protection & Mountaineering Association that has been in the field of Adventure Tourism for the past 17 years.

Quality and the services provided to the customer

We have a huge team of more than 73 guides and trainers to serve in the mountains and they are professionally trained from Nehru Institute of Mountaineering.



Rs. 7500/-

(Includes all costs of the trek from Sankri to Sankri)

(Includes Service tax)


Note: - The maximum group size is now 20 persons & Minimum 05 - only

Kedarkantha Trek Details

6 days DehraDun to DehraDun

Round the year

The trek experience

Trek Start to Base camp sankri Hotel Swargarohini // Dehradun is the beautiful city near rail head and base camp Sankri base camp altitude (6055ft trek start to our base camp office sankri climb to kedarkantha summit (12506ft)

(3812 mtr) kedarkantha height (12506,fit)

23 Km. Sankri to Sankri

The kedarkantha base night be cold day temperatures are pleasant during the season

Juda Lake – 2°C to – 5° C – And Base Camp Kedar kantha / -5°C to -10°C - winter December to Jan

Kedarkantha base +5° C to +15° C

Dehradun, Mussorie, Camptifall , Purola, Mori, Netwar , Our Base Camp Hotel Swargarohini, Juda ka Talab, Kedar kantha base Camp, KKT Summit, (3812Mt). It is located in the northeastern part of uttarakhand starting from close to the Himachal border, heading east and then south

Pick up to you Dehradun, .Railway Station Drive to Sankri Base Camp

Available Dates 2017



03 April to 08 April 2017 (Full)
04 April to 09 April 2017 (Full)
08 April to 13 April 2017 (Full) .

13 April to 18 April 2017 (Full)

18 April to 23 April 2017 (Open) 8 left 

20 April to 25 April 2017 (Open)
21 April to 26 April 2017 (Open) 5 left
23 April to 28 April 2017 (Open)

25 April to 30 April 2017 (Open) 8 left 

26 April to 01 April 2017 (Open)

28 April to 03 April 2017 (Open)

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12 June to 17 June 2017 (Open)

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01 Dec to  06 Dec 2017 (Open)

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05 Dec to  10 Dec 2017 (Open)

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27 Dec to  01 Jan 2018 (Open)

28 Dec to  02 Jan 2018 (Open)

29 Dec to  03 Jan 2018 (Open)

30 Dec to  04 Jan 2018 (Open)

31 Dec to  05 Jan 2018 (Open)




Welcome to Harkidun Trek in Uttarakhand (H.P.M.A.)


On Har-Ki-Dun(3645 mt) mountains, with packed lunch, to Har-ki-Dun on a gradual ascent that offers excellent views of the snow-covered mountains and vast valleys with huge waterfalls. The area is home to a number of rare species of Himalayan birds and flowers, and is full of birch and spruce.


Welcome to Rupin Pass Trek in Uttarakhand (H.P.M.A.)


Description by (H.P.M.A) Best season to do Rupin - 15 May to 15 June & 15 September to Last October The trek starts from middle of May. It is not possible to do Rupin in the first weeks of May as the snow is too high..


Welcome to Hampta Pass Trek in Himachal Pradesh (H.P.M.A.)



Welcome to Hampta Pass & Chandartal Trek with H.P.M.A, Harkidun Protection & Mountaineering Association to you If you are a first time trekker and wondering for a trek then Hampta Pass is the best ideal chosen place. .


Welcome to Nagtibba  Trek in Uttarakhand (H.P.M.A.)


Welcome to Harkidun Protection & Mountaineering Association (H.P.M.A) Nag tibba trek is the nearest trek route from Dehradun/Mussoorie /Rishikesh for the trekkers visiting Garhwal region, Uttarahand. .

Package Details

Package Includes

Tents, Sleeping bag, Mattress, Liner, Toilet tent, Dining tent, Camping Stole , Table , Micro Crampon, Gatters, Oxygen Gas, Breakfast, Lunch , Tea, Coffee, Sneaks, Soup, Dinner, After Dinner Hot Chocolate , Lemon Tea, Ginger Tea, Potable drinking water, Guide, Porters, Cook, Helpers, Mule With Accommodation Our Swargarohini hotel Sankri (2night ) with Forest Permit fee.

Specially, the cost includes the following

 * The Trek Fee
 * Accommodation at Base Camp Sankri  Our Hotel Swargarohini Palace harkidun Road sankri (02nights) www.hotelswargarohini.com 
 * Vegetarian & Non Vegetarian + Local food as per menu on the trek
 * Forest camping charges
 * Trek permits
 * Tent
 * Sleeping bag
 * Mattrees , Liner , Pillow Toilet tents ,Cup
 * Plate
 * Spoon
 * Soup plate
 * Safety equipment
 * Guides
 * Cooks
 * Helpers
 * Services of a trek Guide and Trek leader

 Spacially We Provide to you

We serve three meals a day. Including Snecks, Tea, Coffee, Soup, we provide a variety of tasty healthy food. With (our local food ) including Indian, Chainess and Western meals with lots of vegetables and fruits !!

Accommodation in tents

On 02/03 Person share each tent, basis during trekking.- we provide to you 1. Sleeping Bag 2. Mattress, 3. Liner 4. Pillow

Package Does Not Includes

Personal Toiletry Items and Medicine etc. The cost includes all expense of the trek from the start of the trek at the Sankri base camp and until your return from the trek to Sankri. Our Hotel Swargarohini Palace

Backpack carrying

H.P.M.A expects all trekkers to carry their own backpacks. If for some reason a trekker is unable to carry his or her backpack, he/she can offload the backpack to the H.P.M.A office by paying a charge of Rs 200/- per backpack per day. This money has to be paid to H.P.M.A office ..Sankri

It is wise to make your booking at least two months in advance. In the event of cancellation of trek/adventure activity services due to any avoidable / unavoidable reasons we must be notified of the same in writing. Cancellation charges will be effective from the date we receive advice in writing, andcancellation charges would be as follows

Up to 30 Days: - 90% of Trek/adventure program cost will be refund.
Between 21 – 30 Days: – 50% of Trek/Adventure/Tour/Travel/Hotel program cost will be refund.
Less than 20 – Days No refund - See more details - www.harkidun.org

Kedar Kantha Trek, Itinerary

Pick up to you Dehradun Railway Station to Sankri Drive (210km) (7/8 Hrs) from Dehradun to Sankri/Saur (1950mt) through the Yamuna and Tons valleys across the Yamuna bridge, Nainbagh, Nowgaon, Purola, Jarmola (Jarmola is one of the biggest and most beautiful pine forests in Asia), Mori and Netwar. Trek to a tiny market in Sankri, a few wooden huts serve simple yet delicious food. Dinner and overnight stay at the Hotel.

After breakfast Sankri To Juda ka talab by Trek, (5kmt) (3/4 Hrs) Juda ta talab (2700mt) on an even surface through thick forests, with a few water falls on the way. Dinner and overnight stay at Juda ka talab almost to perfect setting as a camp site with large talab surrounded by tree line in tent at the camping.

After breakfast from- Juda Lake To Base Kedarkanta (4kmt), (3/4 hrs) after breakfast start trek to, to Bainya (kedarkanta base camp 3400mt). You could either opt for the steep climb of Bainya Thach, which is a path with beautiful views, or Dinner and overnight stay at the Kedarkanta Base comp site in tent. !!.

After breakfast from- Kedarkanta (Bainya base To Kedarkantha Summit (3812mtr) by trek 7km hargano thach (4/5hrs) On Kedarkanta (3812mt) mountains, with packed lunch, to Pokhrola thach on a gradual ascent that offers excellent views of the snow-covered mountains and vast valleys with huge water falls. The area is home to a number of rare species of Himalayan birds, Animal All Forest area and flowers, and is full of birch and spruce. After the last steep climb of. The beautiful Swargarohini, Harkidun Valley and Kalanage / black Pick stands tall overlooking this Valley of God. Shiv, back to camp site Dinner and overnight stay at the Comping at tent.

After breakfast from- Hargano thach to Sankri by Trek (7kmt) (1920mt) (5/6hrs) After breakfast hargano to sankri done to apple orchid The Beautiful, Valley an Out of area to view some hats and Har-ki-Dun Valley and The beautiful Swargarohini Peak (6387Mt.) overnight stay at the Hotel.

After breakfast Sankri to Dehradun drive (210km) (7/8hrs) Take the over night train from Dehradun to Delhi.

Services we offer

Harki Dun Trek

HPMA is a network of local young and old, men and women, who covertly and overtly, work together and aspire to extend their hospitality to tourists while taking care of the environment. Besides promoting sustainable eco tourism, HPMA's prime objective is to provide employment opportunities to the local youth.

The team for last Fiftten years has been dedicated to achieve the following objectives:
1. To promote sustainable eco-friendly aesthetic tourism and adventurous activities in the Himalayas, particularly in Uttarkashi, Govind Wildlife Sanctuary and National Parks.
2. To facilitate adequate services for tourists, trekkers and mountaineers viz. reliable porters guides, instructors, equipments and management services.
3. To provide emergency voluntary services to individual tourist or group through search and rescue operations, help to overcome adverse climatic conditions.
4. To explore new trekking routes and tourists places and popularise them.
5. To manage tourist and trekking activities free from environmental pollution.
6. To organise awareness camps on issues related to education, health, environment, human rights and social justice.
7. To facilitate strengthening and protection of local culture through organising songs and dance competitions, melas (fete) showcasing woodcraft, local food preparations, costumes & so on.

HPMA is committed to provide range of services including voluntary services, consultancy in order to facilitate and promote eco-friendly tourism activities in the region of Uttarakhand. It helps provide trekkers with reliable guide and porter services and can arrange all round trekking tour starting from either Dehra Dun or Sankari. It is well endowed with trained professionals like experienced instructors, porter and guide for trekking and mountain expeditions carried out in destinations located in Yamuna Valley (Uttarkashi) viz. Harkidun Valley, Kedarkhantha Peak, Rupin Pass, Bali Pass, Baradsar Lake, Changsheel trek. Rupin & Supin Valley trek, Vishkupri Trek, Badasu Pass, , Dodital, Tapovan, Nandanvan, Raktvan, Dayara, Kedartal. & Himachal Treks , like , Hmapta pass and Chandartal trek , Deo tibba trek , Kanamo peak trek, Pin parvati trek Besides, the popular religious Char Dham yatra is also organised.!!


Kalanag or Black Peak (6387 mt) is of the major peaks in Bandarpunch mountain range,Swrgarohini Peak (6300mt) others being Bandarpunch I (6316 mt) and Bandarpunch II (White Peak) (6102 mt).
It literally means "Black Cobra" face. It is close to the Ruinsara Valley Bali Pass trek areas!!.
Organized by Harkidun Protection and Mountaineering Association Sankri Uttarkashi (Uttarakhand) (India)
Duration 15/16 Days Dehradun to Dehradun !
Highest Points – (6387mt)
Best Season – 15 May to 5 Jun,, the year

Kalanag or Black Peak (6387 mt) is of the major peaks in Bandarpunch mountain range,Swrgarohini Peak (6300mt) others being Bandarpunch I (6316 mt) and Bandarpunch II (White Peak) (6102 mt). It literally means "Black Cobra" face. It is close to the Ruinsara Valley Bali Pass trek areas!!.
The religious shrines in the Himalyas, glaciers, snowbelts, meadows & other high altitude terrain are the attractions. From time immemorial the hill folks General Info: We welcome all outdoor enthusiasts of all abilities and experience levels. You should be willing to make a commitment to push yourself to meet or exceed what you have accomplished outdoors before,


The various adventure programmes on offer at H.P.M.A are our raison. They are what the Harkidun Protection & Mountaineering Association was first formed to provide. This is where we aim to impact both the practical skills to safely venture into the wilds and to show both instruction and example what having an adventurous spirit really means. Teaching sessions provide the introductory skills and knowledge needed for each activity. These are followed by intensive practice on the wall or out on the nearby crags and hills. On longer courses, the finale is a supervised but self-organized trek which gives trainees the chance to bring all their skills together!!!

Rafting In Ganga and Tonse River :--with trek

H.P.M.A . Harkidun protection & Mountaineering Association And Is India is the seventh largest country by area in the world and its most populous democracy.
The camp is situated along the banks of the river Tons. It is surrounded by thick pine scented forests that are home to over 200 different kinds of birds like Minivets, Flycatchers, Orioles, Hornb.
The camp also acts as a base for many adventure activities like river rafting, rock climbing,.rappelling, treks, nature walks, birding watching, mountain biking, trampoline jumping, cliff jumping, team games, orienteering, star gazing and much more.
H.P.M.A Family Getaways
On offer are great family getaways with well thought out comforts and a host of activities for one and all. Special child handlers are available on request in the camp to look after children while the adults try our other activities.

About the Trek

Kedarkantha Peak Trek - Kedarkantha Meadows is an easy three and four days climb from our base camp sankri. this is beautiful trek though the Govind national park/ Govind Pashu vihar range, which is know for its wild flowers it also gives you an opportunity especially new trekkers. This is a classic Summer and winter trek visit the sacred lake at juda ka talab and kedarkantha snow surrounded by beautiful snow peaks.In April there will be snow on the higher reaches and later in summer the meadows will be full of flowers.

Area has some of the most beautiful forests it was good experience this is valley of God. Shiva, Ganpati, over the top small Temple Kedarkantha summit Shiv and Ganpati.

Getting to the H.P.M.A Base Camp Office at Sankri

All trekkers take the overnight train Dehradun to from Delhi- Dehradun Special A/C train from New Delhi station the best option to you. Train reached at dehradun railway station morning 5:45 am if you Meet to Our office Member -  joining to our upcoming batches and Group. Pick up time 7:00am

H.P.M.A - Arrange to you transportation for you from Dehradun Railway station to sankri and back the transport is in Max, Bolero Tampo travller,   5. and 10   People sharing A taxi Costs are pay to directly taxi driver !

Per Person  Dehradun to Dehradun  costs Rs. 22,00/- Rupees two thousand two  hundred only pickup and drop !! 

Travel from DehraDun to Sankri (210kmt) by luxury coach/ Max, Bolaro, Xylo, Innova, Tampo trevller) Breakfast and (lunch on route) on arrival check Sankari Our Hotal Swrga Rohni Palace harkidun Road at Sankri which is located on the confluence of the Supin River at Sankari Left side a small village sour so looking four nice view for hark dun and swargarohani pic Saur village Lord of Someswar Temple and Right side Supin River The best Know valley in the region is the pretty Har ki Dun loved for its wids expanse flowers and Mountain views. The valley east of Har ki Dun.!! Sankri is a small market and near village saur – a few beautiful Hotel and some shop make sankri stay at the our Hotel all trekkers get to sankri market evening time which is a good time after sneaks lookout sun setting on the greater beautiful Mountain range.


Participants must bring for  KedarKanth Trek : 

  •  Backpack of 50 -60 ltrs
  •  Sturdy hiking boots: preferably all leather upper as it provides better ankle support. If you do not own a pair yet, it is advisable that you buy one  as soon as possible & wear it often so that they are well broken. This will help prevent blisters.
  •  Light weight tennis shoes/sandals: for wearing in camp
  •  Wool socks: 3 pairs: preferably thick wool socks.
  •  Nylon socks: 3- Pairs, of the type you wear daily to be worm under the wool socks to prevent blister.
  •  Hiking shirt: 1 Preferably long sleeve
  •  Long John top: 2 also known as thermal underwear, preferably wool to be worm as first layer.
  •  Warm shirts & pants for camp : 2 each
  •  Rain cot 1 each • Warm Jacket: 1
  •  Wool gloves: 1 pairs as thick as available in the market.
  •  Long John bottoms: Preferably wool to be worm as first layer.
  •  Under wear: 2-3 changes Hiking shorts/ pants: 1
  •  Sun hat: Cotton or nylon. Sun Glasses: Preferably with an anchor
  •  Sun Protection Lotion: optional Lip balm/chap stick: optional
  •  Water bottle: 2 Bottles of 1 Liter capacity (Pepsi bottles work well) please insure that they do not leak.
  •  Head lamp / flashlight: Preferably a headlamp as it leaves your hands free to work please bring extra batteries.
  •  Toilet articles: Tooth brush, tooth paste, etc.



01. Tent 4 Man per Day Cost = Rs. 200/- only
02. Tent 2 Man per Day Cost = Rs. 150/- only
03. Kitchen tent per Day Cost = Rs. 250/- only
04. Dining tent per Day Cost = Rs. 300/- only
05. Sleeping Bag per Day Cost = Rs. 100/- only
06. Liner per Day Cost = Rs. 50/-
07. Pillow per day Cost = Rs. 20/-
08. Mattress per Day Cost = Rs. 20/-
09. Hiking Shoes: - Per Day Cost = Rs. 200/- only
10. Hiking Pole: - Per Day Cost = Rs. 50/- only
11. Micro Crampon: - Per Day Cost = Rs.  100/- only
12. Gaiters per Day Cost = Rs. 50/- only
13. Guide per Day Cost = Rs. 1000/- only
14. Porter per Day Cost = Rs. 600/- only
15. Mule per day Cost = Rs. 600/- only
NOTE: -   50% advance payment confirms your booking.


Route For kedar kantha