HPMA is a network of local young and old, men and women, who covertly and overtly, work together and aspire to extend their hospitality to tourists while taking care of the environment. Besides promoting sustainable eco tourism, HPMA's prime objective is to provide employment opportunities to the local youth.

The team for last Fiftten years has been dedicated to achieve the following objectives:

1. To promote sustainable eco-friendly aesthetic tourism and adventurous activities in the Himalayas, particularly in Uttarkashi, Govind Wildlife Sanctuary and National Parks.
2. To facilitate adequate services for tourists, trekkers and mountaineers viz. reliable porters guides, instructors, equipments and management services.
3. To provide emergency voluntary services to individual tourist or group through search and rescue operations, help to overcome adverse climatic conditions.
4. To explore new trekking routes and tourists places and popularise them.
5. To manage tourist and trekking activities free from environmental pollution.
6. To organise awareness camps on issues related to education, health, environment, human rights and social justice.
7. To facilitate strengthening and protection of local culture through organising songs and dance competitions, melas (fete) showcasing woodcraft, local food preparations, costumes & so on.

HPMA is committed to provide range of services including voluntary services, consultancy in order to facilitate and promote eco-friendly tourism activities in the region of Uttarakhand. It helps provide trekkers with reliable guide and porter services and can arrange all round trekking tour starting from either Dehra Dun or Sankari. It is well endowed with trained professionals like experienced instructors, porter and guide for trekking and mountain expeditions carried out in destinations located in Yamuna Valley (Uttarkashi) viz. Harkidun Valley, Kedarkhantha Peak, Rupin Pass, Bali Pass, Baradsar Lake, Changsheel trek. Rupin & Supin Valley trek, Vishkupri Trek, Badasu Pass, , Dodital, Tapovan, Nandanvan, Raktvan, Dayara, Kedartal. & Himachal Treks , like , Hmapta pass and Chandartal trek , Deo tibba trek , Kanamo peak trek, Pin parvati trek Besides, the popular religious Char Dham yatra is also organised.!!


Welcome to Nagtibba  Trek in Uttarakhand (H.P.M.A.)


Welcome to Harkidun Protection & Mountaineering Association (H.P.M.A) Nag tibba trek is the nearest trek route from Dehradun/Mussoorie /Rishikesh for the trekkers visiting Garhwal region, Uttarahand. .