Why This Trek ?

Kedarkantha Winter Trek

DURATION –  6 Days Dehradun to Dehradun

BEST SEASON - All seasons are good to visit Kedarkantha.




This is one of the best destinations to plan a trek. It is all covered and surrounded by the Meadows. Beauty of Kedarkantha captures the complete attention of the people visiting there. Peaks and Greenery all around, it is known for its scenic beauty. A nature lover should not miss to go on the Kedarkantha trek.



Rs. 7,000/-

(Includes all costs of the trek from Sankri to Sankri) 

(5% GST)


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Must read about Kedarkantha Trek

Duration   6 Days Dehradun to Dehradun

Best Season - Throughout the year

Level – Easy to Moderate

Highest Points - (3812 m) Kedarkantha height (12506ft)

Trekking distance (total) ( 23 km.)

Weather – Nights are cold and day temperature is pleasant during the season.
Winter temperatures - (-2°C to -5° C) (-5°C to -10°C) in winters from December to January.

Summer temperatures – (5° C to 15° C)

Location Chart -Dehradun, Mussoorie, Kemptyfall, Purola, Mori, Netwar, Our Base Camp Hotel Swargarohini, Juda ka Talab, Kedarkantha base camp,n Kedarkantha summit (3812m) It is located in the north-eastern part of Uttarakhand starting near Himachal border, heading east and then south.

Started point  Dehradun Railway Station


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Day 01 – Dehradun to Sankri (210 km) (7/8 hours) (1920 Mt)

Day 02 - Sankri to Juda ka talab (5 km) (4/5 hours) (2700 Mt)

Day 03 - Juda ka talab to Kedarkantha base (04 Km), (3/4 hours) (3400 Mt)

Day 04 - Kedarkantha base to Kedarkantha Summit (3812 Mt) (3.4km) and then to Hargaon

Day 05 - Hargaon thach to Sankri (6 Km) (1920 M) (5/6 hours)

Day 06 - Sankri to Dehradun (210 km) (7/8 hours)

Note: On Day 6, you’ll reach Dehradun between 5:30 pm and 6 pm. You can book your travel any time after 8:00 pm.


Kedar kantha Trek, Details Itinerary -

Day 1: Reaching Sankri our Base Camp (210 km) (7/8 hours)

Our vehicle picks you up from Dehradun railway station then en route towards Sankri (210km). It takes 7-8hours to reach there. The drive to Sankri is a picturesque one, you can see a variety of sceneries on the way. The scenic beauty of valley attracts the visitor’s eye. You will see Yamuna River and Tons valley across the Yamuna Bridge, the crystal clear water gives a very refreshing feeling if you feel tired on the way. You get beautiful views of Mussoorie, Damta, Nowgao, Netwar and Purola on the way. These are the villages where you can see people working in fields and you can have a glimpse of their lifestyle, the combination of light and dark greenery is mesmerizing.

We cross an entry gate of Govind Wildlife Sanctuary, Sankri lies there. When the Bharadsar mountain range and other snow-capped mountains are visible then you are about to reach Sankri, it will take 15-20 minutes more.

Sankri is a small village with less number of houses, there is a famous mini market of Sankri with few wooden huts serving traditional and delicious food. From here you can have a glance of some mountain ranges, it is surrounded by the mountains and the environment is pollution free, relish the beauty of Sankri. We own a hotel named “Swargarohini”, enjoy your dinner and night stay there.

Day 01
Base Camp Hotel Sankri
Day 2: Sankri to Juda ka talab (5 km) (4/5 hours) (2700 Mt)

After having breakfast trek begins towards Juda ka Talab .The way is covered by thick forest alluring, quiet and peaceful, rich in flora and fauna and there are different species of birds, pine trees are mostly found here, you will see greenery all around.
Some water streams and waterfalls are on the way which makes the trail more beautiful, the trail is steep, so you can take rest breaks but the beauty will motivate you to go higher. It will take some time to reach campsite so we will take packed lunch with us. We will stop to have lunch you can enjoy sometime there, site aside a flowing stream, take off your shoes and dip your feet in water and you will be relaxed.

After having lunch and coming half your way to Juda ka Talab you will re-enter in a pine and maple dense forest, continue your trek and in 2-3 hours you will see Juda Ka Talab’s beautiful campsite, the place is perfect for camping this area is entirely in shadows in the dense pine forest, Juda Ka Talab is in a meadow which is very captivating, it is a glass like lake, you can clearly see the picture of sky and trees on it and there is grass in middle of the lake which makes it different.

At night you can see sky full of stars and if you are lucky you can spot a shooting star. Relax yourself, sit and observe the beauty of nature, you can have some essence of peace. At night have dinner and spend your night in tents.

Day 02
Juda Ka  Talab with Activity Points
Day3: Juda Ka Talab to Kedarkantha base (4Km) (3-4hours) (3400m)

After the breakfast, trek is started towards Kedarkantha base Camp which is 3400m. You can opt for little steep climb of Baniya Thach, which is a beautiful path with beautiful views. Trail of Juda ka Talab is straight forward. You have to go through pine forest go higher and after sometime the trail pops out at a ridge, on edge of the meadow you have to again go through oaks and after half an hour ridge opens up to other meadow continue your trek and you’ll see snow ranges surrounding the Kedarkantha summit, some snow-capped mountains and some green peaks, enjoy the picture perfect scenery.

Walk over the snow and under dry oak trees and you will reach Kedarkantha Base Camp from there you can see all white snow covered peaks- Bandarpooch, Swargarohini, Kala Nag and Rangnala. When you get the views of these peaks you will not take your eyes off them.

There will be cold there in winters but the beauty of these mountains and beautiful trail would give you the warmth of pleasure.
Day 03
Kedarkantha Base Camp
Day4: Kedarkantha base to Kedarkantha Summit (3812 Mt) (3.4km) (03 hours) - back to Hargaon camp (5 km)

Sunrise from Kedarkantha base is something extremely beautiful, waking up in the morning and witnessing the sunrise will brighten your day. Kedarkantha peak can be clearly seen from Kedarkantha base camp.

After having breakfast trek starts, there are many trails which take you to the top, and you can take any one. Maronda thach biggest bugyal, Pokhrola thach on a gradual ascent that offers excellent, views of the snow-covered mountains and valleys with huge water falls. The area is home to a number of rare species of Himalayan birds, animals and flowers, and is full of birch and spruce.

After the last steep climb of Kedarkantha peak enjoy the mesmerizing views of Swargarohi Peak 1, 2, 3. Har -ki -dun Valley and Kalanag. Black Peak stands tall overlooking this Valley of God Shiva and Ganpati Bappa. The summit gives you 360 degree panorama view. Take photographs visit temples there and then get back to your Kedarkantha base camp site have lunch there and begin your descent to Hargaon. The trail is through oak, pine trees and frozen streams which will make your trek a very good and beautiful one.

Day 04
Climb to Kedarkantha Summit
Day5: Hargao Thach to Sankri (6 Km) (1920 Mt) (5/6 hours)

After having breakfast and on the way to Hargao to Sankri, the trail to Sankri is clearly marked by stones.

There are numerous trails to reach Sankri but one of them is mostly used, while on the trail when you cross dense pine forest you’ll come to a ridge which offers the view of Har Ki Dun Valley “The Valley Of Gods” There are local apple orchards, you can see the huts of local farmers line up on the right.

It is a beautiful place to find diversity in things and see their tradition and culture of local villagers and to understand the life of people living in mountains. Then you’ll spend your night in Sankri at Swargarohini hotel.

 Day 05
View - Kedarkantha Summit (Altitude 3812Mt )
Day6: Sankri to Dehradun Drive (210Km) (8-9 hours)

  On day 6th you’ll reach Dehradun between 5:30-6:00pm if you start travelling at 8:00 am. Take the overnight train from Dehradun to Delhi.


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Namaste Trekkers – Hurry up! Complete the Form below To Register for the Kedarkantha Trek from Sankri to Sankri.

Trek fee: Rs 7,000/- 5% GST is payable on the trek fee.



rightsymbol Transport facility from Sankri to Sankri.

rightsymbol Forest Permit and entrance fee.

rightsymbol Accommodation in Hotel Sankri.

rightsymbol Accommodation in tents on twin share basis during trekking.

rightsymbol All meals: breakfast, day pack lunch, pack lunch, tea, coffee, snacks, soup and dinner.

rightsymbol (All camping gears including)

rightsymbol High quality tents

rightsymbol Sleeping bags

rightsymbol Mattress

rightsymbol Liner

rightsymbol Pillow 

rightsymbol Gaiters

rightsymbol Micro Crampon

rightsymbol Medical Kit & Oxygen Cylinder 

rightsymbol Separate Toilet tents for Ladies and Gents

rightsymbol Dining Tent

rightsymbol Dining table 

rightsymbol Porters

rightsymbol Helper

rightsymbol Mules 

rightsymbol Kitchen team 

rightsymbol Well Experienced Trek Leader and Technical guide. 



cross Personal Insurance.

cross Medical Certificate.

cross Personal toiletry Items and Personal Medicine kit



Full payment confirms your booking.

We serve three meals a day including snacks and Soup. We provide a variety of tasty healthy food including Indian, Chinese and Western meals with lots of vegetables and fruits.



Brief Detail

How we run the trek?
In the Himalayan Hikers Team, the trek is leaded by Mountaineering and Wilderness first aid certified Trek leader along with cooking staff and supporting staff.

Best Time for Trekking-

Different charms in different seasons so all seasons are best for trekking (12 months)

Kedarkantha trek Summit peak (12056ft)-

In Last week of Dec & April you will encounter Snow and snow covered Meadows after May you will encounter Green meadows and flowers.


Winter temperature - (-2°C to -5° C) (-5°C to -10°C) December to January.

Summer temperature - Kedarkantha (5° C to 15° C)


Batch size and age group -

In each fix departure batch there will be 15 to 20 trekkers including male and female. Minimum age for the Kedarkantha trek is 8 years and maximum depends on fitness level.

Altitude – (3812 m) Kedarkantha height (12506ft)

Pick Up and Drop Point

Our pick up point is Dehradun Railway Station. At 6:30am in the morning we pick up and after the trek we drop at Dehradun railway station by 6:00pm in the evening.


ATM Point & Mobile connectivity:-

Sankri is the last point where you will receive mobile network. Only BSNL and Vodafone, so ensure you finish your important telephone calls here. Inform anxious family members about poor connectivity during the trek. Dehradun city is also where you will find the last ATM in case you need to withdraw money before starting the trek Journey

Getting to the base camp Himalayan Hikers office and Hotel

Take an overnight train to Dehradun from Delhi. New Delhi-Dehradun A/C special train from New Delhi station is the best option. The train reaches Dehradun at 5:40 am. If you want to meet our office member then drive to Sankri base camp office (Harkidun Road Sankri).

By Air: - 

Jolly Grant Airport is the airport serving Dehradun, located about 25 km from the city. You can get your flight from there.

By Train

-Dehradun Express - Train no: 12687 (Departure - 9:10pm; Arrival - 5:00am)

-Nandadevi Express-Train no: 12205 (Departure 11:50pm; Arrival - 5:40am)

By Bus:

There is regular bus service from Delhi to Dehradun, from Delhi, ISBT Kashmiri Gate.
We would suggest you to take only government buses from ISBT Kashmiri Gate. Private buses ply from outside ISBT and they are not trust worthy.
Usually buses drop you at Dehradun ISBT. From there you have to come to Dehradun Railway Station and meet us at 6:30

Himalayan hikers - We arrange transportation for you from Dehradun to Sankri.

Note: Costs per Vehicle

Per Person one way Costs Rs. 1100/- Rupees one thousand one hundred only.



Mandatory Documents

Please carry these documents:-

-Original and photocopy of government photo identity card- (Adhar Card, driving license, voters ID, etc.)

-Medical Certificates filled by the doctor and second part by the trekker.

-Risk Certificates


What to Carry?

Sturdy hiking boots: preferably all leather upper as it provides better ankle support. If you do not own a pair yet, it is advisable that you buy one as soon as possible & wear it often so that they are well broken. This will help prevent blisters.

  1. Light weight tennis shoes/sandals: for wearing in camp.
  2. Woollen socks: 2 pairs: preferably thick woollen socks.
  3. Nylon socks: 2-3 Pairs, of the type you wear daily to be warm woollen socks prevent blisters.
  4. Hiking shirt: 1 preferably long sleeve.
  5. Long John top: 1, also known as thermal underwear, preferably wool to be warm as first layer.
  6. Warm shirts & pants for camp : 1 each
  7. Rain coat 1 each



How we are making your treks safe - 

Note :-  (Important) our trek leaders are certified in Wilderness first-aid" and be aware of high altitude problems, we carry whole first-aid kit and necessary medicines with us. Make sure you are medically fit for a trek or take professional advice if you feel you are unable to judge yourself. This is very important for us.

Especially: - We would like to introduce our company Himalayan Hikers trekking Community in India that has been in the field of Adventure Tourism for the past 23 years. We provide treks, expeditions & Mountaineering programs, and high altitude Expedition, Rafting. India’s largest Trekking Community Featuring More Than 75 + Himalayan Documented Treks, 7 High Altitude Expedition for schools, families and colleges beside other outdoor activities.

Technical Safety in the Mountains:- 

We have a huge team of more than 100 guides and trainers to serve in the mountains and they are professionally trained from Nehru Institute of Mountaineering and Indian mountaineering foundation Delhi and Hanifle Center Outdoor Education Mussoorie. We have never compromised on the quality and the services provided to the customer.



With our local knowledge of fluent Hindi and English we will ensure your trip runs smoothly and that your health and safety is our number one priority. All our team leaders have under gone professional courses in First Aid, Portable Altitude Chamber Training, Environmental Awareness Training, Advanced Wilderness Emergency Medicine and CPR. We carry a comprehensive first aid medical kit on all our trips as well as Portable Altitude Chamber (PAC Bag) and medical oxygen for all high altitude treks.

We specialize in all sorts of group adventure holidays - be it family groups, friends, or school groups. We have a wide range of travel options to suit all travelling styles and fitness level. We lay much emphasis on group size so that every individual gets personal attention.

The Best drive with Team Himalayan Hikers

Welcome to Himalayan Hikers Transport - Picks you up from Dehradun Railway Sation and then drive to our Swargarohini Hotel in main market Sankri. Trek lies in the Govind Wild life Sanctuary and National Park in Uttarkashi district of Uttarakhand. The drive to Sankri (From where the Kedarkantha trek starts) is one of the most picturesque drives in the Himalayas through Mussoorie, Barkot, Purola, Mori, Netwar, Motwat along the Tons River Kedarkantha trek is one the easiest treks in the Himalayas to enjoy thick snow. 

Hi trekkers welcome to Himalayan Hikers, intermediate trekking training plan. This trek-fit training plan is specifically designed by fitness experts to safely progress your fitness.

Trek physical fitness preparation before your arrival for the Uttarakhand, and Himachal trekking, is recommended to enjoy with us the adventure holiday trip at its best.

Defying gravity and walking for a long duration on a steep slope with a rucksack/day-pack require a moderate level of strength and endurance training. Carrying a bag pack, however light, can become a strain after a while. A fitness regime will help you be in good shape before the trek.

In terms of speed, make sure you’re able to jog 5 km in 35 minutes before starting of the trek. If you are 45 years old and above, your target should be completing at least 3 km within 29 minutes before you go on the trek.


This is another area you should work on. There is a lot of trekking distance that you will cover carrying your bag packs and trekking along with your bag pack is not a very easy task. You have to walk on uneven terrain during the trek. It could be taxing for your legs. For this, strengthening your legs will help. You can do some squats to strengthen them. Do around 3 sets of squats, with 8 squats in each set.


Another aspect that will help you trek comfortably is flexibility. For this, you can do some stretching exercises – stretch your hamstrings, quadriceps, hip flexors, lower back muscles and shoulders regularly. On your trek, it is important that you arrive on the slopes with your muscles relaxed. Carrying a bag pack, however light, can become a strain after a while. These exercises will help you to be in good shape before the trek.

The way is easy to mountain - Make sure you are medically fit for a trek or take professional advice if you feel you are unable to judge yourself.

Mountain Life is about living amongst the world outside – experiencing the abundance of character, tradition, adventure and exploration that it provides.     The trek provides a great opportunity for trekkers to see the scenic beauty and experience the life of remote villages of Garhwal Himalayas.

Trekking in the mountains may look fun, but it is not for the faint of heart.

Thank you!

Contact our Trekking Expert

Kuldeep Rawat, (Chief of Operations/ High Altitude Trek Leader (Himalayan Hikers)

09756197558, 09412019974




It is wise to make your booking at least two months in advance. In the event of cancellation of trek/adventure activity services due to any avoidable / unavoidable reasons we must be notified of the same in writing. Cancellation charges will be effective from the date we receive advice in writing, and cancellation charges would be as follows

Cancellation up to 30 Days: You will get Refund of 90% of Trek/adventure program cost. 

Cancellation between 21 to 30 days– You will get refund of 50% of Trek/Adventure/Tour/Travel/Hotel program cost. 

Cancellation in less than 20 days – No refund

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